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Republican Sinn Féin sends s olidarity to Turkish Hunger Striker

Sunday, April 21, 2013


Photo of Nezif Eski'yi (courtesy of Halkin Sesi).

Photo of Nezif Eski’yi (courtesy of Halkin Sesi).

Republican Sinn Féin sends solidarity to Turkish Hunger Striker

A Turkish political prisoner is on hunger strike in a French jail since March 13, 2013, to protest against the inhumane practice of strip-searches against political prisoners in France. Republican Sinn Féin sends greetings of solidarity to him and urges the French government to immediately cease the practice of strip searches.

Nezif Eski is a Turkish political prisoner with Arab roots who went on hunger strike on March 13. He was forced go on hunger strike to demand the immediate ending of strip-searches against political prisoners. The Administrative Court of Melun, Seine-et-Marne, suspended on Friday, March 29, the full body search for prisoners which was established by the prison authorities in at Fresnes jail where Nezif Eski is held. Though the prison authorities in Fresnes still don’t accept his demands, no statement has been made from their side.

Nezif Eski had to suffer under the inhumane practice of strip-searches at every visit he received. This is a fundamental attack on his freedom and an illegal practice according to the Human Rights Convention.

Republican Sinn Féin sends solidarity greetings to political prisoner Nezif Eski. In a statement RSF International spokesperson Dieter Blumenfeld said: “I want to express our solidarity with comrade Nezif on behalf of everyone in Republican Sinn Féin. We demand an immediate end of the degrading, inhumane and illegal practice of strip-searches by the prison authorities in France. We urge the French government to stop this practice.

“Furthermore I want to use the opportunity to once more urge the English government and the prison authorities in the Occupied Six Counties to end the same inhume practice against Irish Republican prisoners. Nezif Eski is not alone. The fight against strip-searches is as the same fight as it is waged by the republican prisoners in Maghaberry.

“Republican Sinn Féin urges all supporters in France and internationally to support our comrade Nezif Eski and make his case known. Together we will win the fight for the rights of the political prisoners held in Fresnes and Maghaberry jail!” Blumenfeld said.


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