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Emeshing the Provos into the Crown

Sunday, April 14, 2013
adams and paisley

Provo Gerry Adams with loyalist Ian Paisley.

I recently blogged about the current criminalization and misreporting (more likely black prop) on Republican Sinn Fein and the IRA.  Despite the fact that Rose and Joe Lynch have no connection to either the IRA or to Republican Sinn Fein the Irish and British media (with some few exceptions) continue to report that they are members of the IRA and Republican Sinn Fein.  As I outlined in the previous post this is due to the bad reporting skills of many reporters and also is within the socio-historical context of the use of black prop by the authorities and the media to misrepresent, criminalize, and attack the IRA.

While listening to the radio Friday morning at work I heard Pat Kenny interview Provisional Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams and Kenny asked Adams about his thoughts on the “militant Republicanism” that still exists within the island and directly (and inaccurately) linking both Joe and Rose to the revolutionary Republican tradition.

Without skipping a beat Adams linked Rose and Joe to the IRA and the “dissident Republican movement” thus making the Provos involved in the narrative of the criminalization of revolutionary Republicanism and in using black prop as a political tool.  The fact that Adams uses the tools that were once used against the Provos is an irony that I’m sure doesn’t escape him or any members of the political establishment in Stormont and Westminster.  In order to try and box out revolutionary Republicanism Adams and the Provos have had to use the same tactics that were used against them in order to create a narrative in which the only viable Republicanism is the one that enmeshes itself within the British colonial administered statelet of Northern Ireland (much of their tactics were the same that the SDLP used against Provisional Sinn Fein).

Here, we see Adams, and the Provos in general, subverting the revolutionary tradition of Republicanism  by using colonial tactics to bolster their own position and to destroy the revolutionary tradition (and role) of the IRA.  Adams has been able to do what the British never were able to do which is to cause immense confusion and division within the Republican movement and to try and split the revolutionary Republican movement from the masses of the Irish people.

The interview highlights the huge chasm between the revolutionary history and tradition that Adams was once a part of to the now current reformist, revisionist, and anti-Republican policies he holds today.

In the interview he said that the IRA “are going no where, they should be given no support whatsoever.”

Within the tradition and history of revolutionary Republicanism the IRA was an armed force that connected itself not just to the 1916 Easter Uprising but also to the 1919 Dail Eireann in which the true revolutionary tradition, the Irish army, and the policies for a truly free Irish Republic were present.  The IRA was supposed to be a revolutionary force that would not recognize the illegitimate government of Leinster House, the British statelet in Stormont, and the British colonial regime.  It was also supposed to be a force that embedded itself with the Irish people in order to carry out the will of the people.  Here we have Adams, a self-stated Republican, trying to undercut the legitimacy of the IRA (and of revolutionary Republicanism) and taking the sides of the capitalist police force (the Garda) and at numerous times taking the sides of the British colonial police force the RUC/PSNI.

Also in the interview Adams was celebrating the fact that one-half of the revolutionary tradition, the armed force meant to destroy Leinster House, Stormont, and the colonial grip on Ireland, and to protect the Irish people, has been dismantled and de-fanged.  “[The IRA have gone away] through the good work of an awful lot of people.”  The “good work” of those who decommissioned and dismantled the revolutionary force includes the British occupation forces and the RUC/PSNI.


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