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Black Prop, the Irish Media, and the IRA

Thursday, April 11, 2013
Outside the home of David Darcy, where he was murdered (photo courtesy of RTE News).

Outside the home of David Darcy, where he was murdered (photo courtesy of RTE News).

It’s been all over the news recently that fifty-year-old “assassin” Rose Lynch shot and killed  39-year-old father of two David Darcy in Dublin in the name of the Continuity Irish Republican Army on behalf of the revolutionary Republican movement.  Media have been reporting that her and her father, Joe, are also members of Republican Sinn Fein out in Limerick.

The problem with these reports, however, is that they aren’t true.

Rose cannot be said to be a volunteer for the IRA nor can Joe be said to be a member of Republican Sinn Fein.  Much of the misreporting on Rose, and in general the dissident revolutionary Republican movement, can be chalked up to the general state of sordid and poor reporting in the mainstream media in England and Ireland and can also be traced historically to the start of the Irish fight for independence back in 1916.

For example: back in the war of independence in the early 1920s the British media propagated a “blood oath” from the IRA that had been completely fabricated to scare the British public and the Scots-Irish in Ireland.  This exact same blood oath was propagated by a popular British tabloid at one point during the early 1970s.  Other instances of black prop was when British backed underground militias bombed a water pipeline in Northern Ireland for the purpose of blaming the Provisional IRA.  MI5 would also involve itself with criminal gangs within Northern Ireland by using guns and money and then style their criminal actions as actual actions of the IRA.

Part of the black prop being spun by the military started early off during the Troubles in the Lisburn press office in Ulster where Lt. Col. Tugwell headed a covert propaganda/media unit which relied on their own spin and on the IRD (an MI6 operation that originally started in 1948 to ferment fake anti-communist black prop).  One concrete example of their work was when a UVF paramilitary  bombing of an Irish pub was spun by their covert office in order to put the  blame on Provisional IRA.

These are but just a few examples.

Rose and Joe have no actual connections to any legitimate revolutionary Republican movement but the media keeps propagating this criminal drug running gang from Limerick who style themselves as the “IRA.”  Numerous times the media have connected the actions of a small criminal gang with the actions of the IRA and of Republican Sinn Fein despite numerous instances of Republican Sinn Fein trying to correct the narrative.

During the 1916 Easter commemorations Republican Sinn Fein stated:

We note that the title of Republican Sinn Féin has been misappropriated from it by a tiny splinter group in Limerick. Politicians and a hostile media have given credence to this action by highlighting its misdeeds and then placing the blame on the true Republican Movement. We take advantage of this occasion to clear the air and assert once more Republican Sinn Féin’s integrity and good name.

Back in October 2012 they also stated:

Over the past two years Republican Sinn Fein have been directs targets of such activity.  A Limerick-led group have attempted to steal our identity and good name in order to cloak their criminal activities.  This particular gang meet the criteria of the classic black operations or ‘black ops’ engaged by the State forces whereby a shadow grouping is set up which is a perversion of everything that the legitimate revolutionary movement represents.  The purpose of these bogus groupings is to sow confusion, lower moral and discredit the genuine revolutionary movement.

And, most recently, in response to the media that continues to ignore the realities on the ground and who continue to spout the black prop of the government, Republican Sinn Fein made their point clear:

Some of today’s newspapers (April 10) carried reports that Joe Lynch, Limerick, father of Rose Lynch, is a member of Republican Sinn Féin.
Neither Joe Lynch or his daughter are members of Republican Sinn Fein, nor have they been since April 2010 when they were expelled. He is part of a group usurping the name of Republican Sinn Féin to cover their nefarious activities.
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    Thursday, April 11, 2013 3:16 pm

    note the R.S.F easter statement a TINY splinter group from limrick!!


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