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PSNI targeted as Continuity IRA holds commemoration

Friday, April 5, 2013
Photo by Peter Muhly/AFP.

Photo by Peter Muhly/AFP.

Republican News is reporting:

A device detonated inside a litter bin in the Kilwilkie estate in Lurgan, County Armagh, last Saturday close to where the PSNI were attempting to film those attending an Easter commemoration in St Colman’s cemetery.

Masked Continuity IRA members marched from the estate to the graveyard watched by a British army helicopter and police.

Two armoured PSNI Land Rovers were parked close to the scene of the explosion.

Shrapnel and debris were scattered over a large distance, but the PSNI later described the device as “crude”.

A crowd had gathered to hear a man in military-style clothing give a speech in which he called Sinn Fein “traitors”.

Earlier youths in Kilwilkie threw petrol bombs at police patrols.


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