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links for 2011-01-19

Wednesday, January 19, 2011
  • "In the streets, the Tunisian revolution continued to evolve. It began in the hard-pressed provinces with demands for more jobs, especially for Tunisia’s soaring number of young college graduates, nearly a third of whom are estimated to be unemployed or seriously underemployed. It spread to the workers, small business owners and the coastal professional class as a revolt mainly against the flagrant corruption associated with Mr. Ben Ali’s family.

    But on Monday, the protesters in the streets appeared more working class, including some hardened, veteran dissenters abused by Mr. Ben Ali’s government. Off the streets, some Tunisian professionals who last week had railed against Mr. Ben Ali’s government said they were excited by the new government’s prudent first steps. But the demonstrators sang the national anthem and talked broadly of new “freedom” and the complete elimination of Mr. Ben Ali’s party."

  • "“Atty. Brillantes is now in a position to look into many of the problems that have plagued Comelec, especially the ghosts of election fraud over the past decade. For the longest time, Comelec has been perceived as one of the most corrupt government agencies because of the conduct of its officials. Now is a good time to begin the process of cleaning up Comelec,” said Bayan secretary general Renato M. Reyes, Jr.

    Among the issues Bayan said Brillantes should look into are the involvement of Comelec officials in the rigging of the 2004 presidential elections, the various irregularities and anomalies in the approval of contracts by Comelec, the problems that beset the 2010 automated polls and the questionable groups and nominees that have participated in the partylist system."


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