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Communist Party of the Philippines Celebrates its 42nd Anniversary Out in the Open

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Members of the CPP prepare for the upcoming celebrations latter on in the day.

On December 26th (well, actually it was a bit latter in the early weeks of January, but the Party states it was founded on Dec. 26th) in the jungles of Luzon a group of activists, scholars, peasants, and former rebel fighters broke off from the Partido Kommunista ng Pilipinas (Communist Party of the Philippines, or PKP) and formed the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).  It was during the early years of the fascist Marcos administration and many within the newly formed CPP saw the Marcos administration as a huge obstacle for genuine freedom for the Filipino people.  Along with Marcos the new members of the party saw the main, three problems, of the Philippines were: bureaucrat capitalism, feudalism, and U.S. imperialism.

Since then the party and its rebel army, the New Peoples Army, has expanded, retracted, and expanded again still focusing on tackling the three problems of the Philippines.  Recently, the newly elected president of the Philippiens negotiated a cease fire agreement with the party and has stated he would like to start peace talks.  Because of the new atmosphere surrounding the cease fire the party openly celebrated its founding with communities all over the Philippines.

According to news reports and its own press releases thousands all over the Philippines hiked and crammed into cars and jeepneys, in order to attend the celebrations.  Despite the cease fire the Armed Forces of the Philippines decided to harass peasants, workers, students, and organizers for deciding to join the celebrations:

[T]he CPP denounced the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine National Police (PNP) “for setting-up checkpoints along the route to the site of the assembly to harass participants and dissuade them from proceeding to the site of the celebrations in violation of the spirit and intent of the 19-day ceasefire.”

As well as harassing participants in the celebrations:

“Local mass organizations and [New Peoples Army] units have reported that the AFP continues to carry out aggressive operations, terrorizing the masses in the guerrilla fronts where the NPA operates,” said the CPP. “The AFP thus shows its scorn and mockery of the mutual ceasefire as its units continue to launch offensive military operations.”

Local villagers cram onto jeepneys to join in on the celebrations of the founding of the CPP. Many were turned back and harrassed by Philippine soliders who had set up impromptu checkpoints around the areas of celebration.


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