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U.S. Sponsored Elections in Haiti Fail

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Protesters clash with police in the wake of fraudulent elections (photo by AP).

With the country ravaged by a cholera outbreak (in the shadow of the earthquake) the shame elections that have caused so much outrage with the Haitian population have exposed the complete inept and self-serving imperial attitudes of U.S. foreign policy.

In order to keep some type of grip on Haiti the State Department and its key allies in Haiti pushed to have this election go forward by giving the government funds to use in its electoral process.  Along with that the Haitian elite banned one of the most popular grass-roots political parties (along with 14 others) in the country for fear of its popularity and pro-people, anti-U.S., policies.  With massive funds going towards the elections Mark Weisbrot points out:

there is the unbelievable failure of the reconstruction itself. Nearly a year after the earthquake, less than 2% of the rubble has been cleared, and less than 10% of the 1.5m people made homeless by the earthquake have shelter. Most of the rest are living under tarps, with the earth beneath them turning to water and mud when it rains. The “international community” could not even get them tents.

With massive electoral fraud, ballot box stuffing, voter intimidation, voter regrestration cleansing, Kim Ives blogs that:

the current electoral fiasco is merely the 2004 coup’s continuation. Préval and Washington became bedfellows because both seek to exclude Haiti’s poor majority, who are overwhelmingly pro-Lavalas. But their plot is failing, and, like thieves falling out, they increasingly distrust each other, despite Mulet’s profession of support.

When there is election fraud in Burma, political parties banned in Iran, and human rights activists locked up in China, the State Department finds “its voice” to “speak up” for “the rights of the people.”  Yet when there is election fraud, the banning of political parties, the exile of a democratically elected president, and the targeting and locking up of human rights activists in Haiti, the U.S. is mum for fear that its allies within the Haitian elite will be toppled.


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