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Rocky Rivera’s “New” Blog and Show

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just updated my blog roll (that little section to your right that says “Blogs I Read, Habitually”) and you may have noticed Guerilla Busfare is no longer on my blog roll

“ZomG1!!!1! Is that becuz you hatezzz EyeASage nOw!!!1!one!”

No dumbass, get the fuck off my blog.  It’s because I hadn’t updated my blog roll in months and EyeASage (figuratively) is dead and has risen from the ashes into the phoenix that is Rocky Rivera; who has a blog by the way.  So I basically just updated the URL and the blog name.

Here is a taste of what Krish is offering to us Interwebers on her blog in the form of a review of rapper Nicki Manaj:

I can see it now:  the white, male “hip hop” journalist in the A&E section, scratching his head with a #2 pencil,  whipping out his rap measuring stick and clearing his throat.  But with nearly a decade passing since the last great Female MC (Lauryn), and the entire category X’ed out on the Grammy ballot, she’s had to bridge far greater a chasm than what can be calculated on that measuring stick.  The same one that measures her label mates, her competition, and her boss.

The dichotomy she creates speaks more about what she is concealing, which only time and experience can distill. Though she addresses the frustration of being attacked in her quest to save the endangered Female MC, she leaves room for improvement, maturity, and potential to address those topics in the future.  Schizophrenic persona or not, she can’t please everyone, but she does prove that she is a marketing dream (good for the industry) and willing to push boundaries fearlessly (good for Hip Hop), which is all we can ask for ANY MC for at the moment.

She’s also performing tonight at Pier 23 for the anniversary of Beatrock Music so it’ll be good for you all to check out her set.


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