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links for 2010-09-17

Friday, September 17, 2010
  • "The social structure of white-supremacy in the United States marginalizes Asian Americans to the point where we cannot be accepted as mainstream, regardless of being foreign or American born. I will extrapolate that Asian Americans are NEVER going to be accepted as part of this society so long as the political-economic structure of capitalism supports the superstructural formation of white-supremacy. With all due respect to Legci, as talented as they are (once again, they are g-DOUBLE-O-D, GOOD.) they could possibly replace William Hung as the new mold which by white-supremacy forges another narrow-representation of Asian Americans. It’s going to take sharper action than just the politically passive activity of achieving more mainstream face time in order for Filipinos or any other Asian American population to assert cultural legitimacy in this white man’s country."

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