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links for 2010-07-13

Tuesday, July 13, 2010
  • "Akbayan Rep. Etta Rosales is a “seriously flawed choice” for the Commission on Human Rights chief post, labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno said today, rebutting former Rep. Risa Hontiveros’s claim that Rosales is “perfect” for the job.

    “We say to Hontiveros: Etta Rosales is a seriously flawed choice for CHR chief. Etta and her partylist Akbayan have issued statements in the past linking legal organizations who are the main targets of human rights violations to underground revolutionary organizations. That is precisely the excuse of the military for the violations,” said Roger Soluta, KMU secretary-general."

  • "The title refers to the social, economic, and political stratification of Philippine society. What I come away with as the main point of the song is that real change is realized only through the destruction of the current power structure. So for the mass majority of folks it doesn’t matter so much who’s in power; it doesn’t matter that Obama or Aquino have taken office. The change that occurs needs to be STRUCTURAL change. Until then, folks in power are just gonna be playing musical chairs, which means we’ll just be seeing the same old shit."
  • "Anti-imperialist labor center Kilusang Mayo Uno expresses its support and solidarity to the ongoing general strike in Greece and Portugal organized by workers and other oppressed sectors against the highly unjust and anti-people crisis measures of their governments as prescribed by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the European Union (EU)."
  • "An elementary school teacher and member of the party-list group ACT Teachers was killed over the weekend, making him the third member of a leftist group to fall victim to alleged extra-judicial killings in the first 10 days of the administration of President Benigno Aquino III.

    Mark Francisco, 27, who teaches at the San Isidro Elementary School in Palanas, Masbate, was on his way home last Friday with four companions aboard motorcycles when they were fired upon in Sitio (sub-village) Umawas, Barangay (village) Malibas by two armed men wearing ski masks and camouflage uniforms."

  • "But it is as important, too, for a policy to immediately put a stop to the still continuing blood-letting and extrajudicial killings of journalists and leaders and members of militant organizations. As already widely praised by many, the appointment of Secretary Leila de Lima to the DOJ is a positive step, but, it is not enough. That hawkish counter-rebellion paradigm—the dreaded Bantay Laya I and II—that spawned such bloodbath should now be abandoned by the administration. Surely, a road that is continuously bathed in blood is not the “daang matuwid” alluded to by President Aquino in his inaugural speech. Yet, failing to point the correct road ahead may even be read as an indication that the present administration is not willing to absolutely break from the brutal campaign waged by its disgraced predecessor."
  • ""AFP spokesman General Mabanta's insinuation that Bayan Muna's Baldomero may have been a victim of a Leftist purge is pure hogwash," Reyes said. "The 'purge' line has long been discredited even by the government-created Melo Commission and United Nations Special rapporteur Philip Alston. This is a worn-out defense by the Arroyo regime. The Aquino government would be stupid and irresponsible if it would allow the AFP to use the same defense now.""

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