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PA Podcast from a Priest & an Atheist: Israeli Massacre on the Free Gaza Flotilla and the BP Gulf Oil Spill

Friday, June 4, 2010

Priest & Atheist Podcast Finally! After practically a year we are back with the PA Podcast!!!

This podcast is slightly over one hour and consists of three parts. First, xMabaitx and I talk about the Israeli attack on the Free Gaza flotilla and the implications for Israel and why Israel did what they did. Next, we will talk about the British Petroleum h oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its reflections of capitalism. Lastly we have a new segment! Our Top Ten Things that Annoy us segment, it will be on the Top Ten Things that Annoyed Us in the Month of May.

A warning, all of the facts and figures that we’re presenting are pretty much off the top of our heads but should be somewhere near their approximate numbers.  Also, xMabaitx states that Cory Aquino married into the Cojuangcofamily, its the other way around, Ninoy Aquino maried into the Cojuangcofamily.  Our bad, ya’ll.

You can stream it here:

You can also download and/or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes (may take a day or two for it to appear on iTunes).


  1. Excerpt (00:00:00-00:00:36).
  2. Intro song “The Quiet Before (Thunderbirds Are Now! Remix)” by From Monuments to Masses (00:00:37-00:02:12)
  3. Intros and catch up (00:02:12-00:04:14).
  4. Free Gaza Flotilla: some background and the incident (00:04:14-00:18:20).
  5. Musical break: “Kilmeh Sebeh Titfasar” by Ramallah Underground (00:18:20-00:20:58)
  6. Free Gaza Flotilla: background on the apartheid state of Israel and its actions and justifications against the flotilla and Palestinians and U.S. imperialism (00:18:21-00:31:59).
  7. BP Oil Spill: Background on the workers who died and the spill itself (00:32:00-00:43:51).
  8. Musical Break: “The Quasi Islamic Guide” by Arab Summit (00:43:52-0046:24).
  9. BP Oil Spill: Environmental damage and capitalism (00:46:25-00:51:24).
  10. Top Ten Things That Annoyed Us in the Month of May (00:51:25-00:59:07).
  11. Outro: “Understand” by Arabesque (00:59:08-01:01:02).
  12. Extra Outake (01:02:01-01:02:18).

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