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Student Strike at the University of Puerto Rico Enters its Fifth Week

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A kiss for a striking student inside the campus (Photo by Ricardo Alcaraz of Diálogo).

Via the Kasama Project blog (not run by Filipinos but it’s got the Tagalog name for “comrade” in its title, go figure):

As the sun rose on April 21, hundreds of students approached the main gate to the University of Puerto Rico’s historic Río Piedras campus and chained it shut.

Thus began an occupation that has now spread to all 11 campuses of the UPR system and become the first-ever system-wide public university strike. It is also the longest-lasting strike action of any kind in this U.S. island colony since the Río Piedras student strike of 2005, which lasted 29 days.

The students’ three main demands are: repeal Certification 98, which opens the door to eliminating tuition waivers for honor students, athletes, and employees and their families; stop summer term tuition hikes; and open the university’s books to public scrutiny.


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