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Maldita: The Damned Blog

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I’d highly suggest everyone check out the new blog of journalist, activist, mother, poet, comrade, (overall kick ass person), and organizer for Bayan-USA, Melissa Reyes.  The blog is titled “maldita daily” and is a collection of her daily rants, thoughts, articles, musings, and insights.  It’s relatively new and will more then likely be sparsely updated for some time but, I believe, once Melissa kicks into the swing of things (blogging wise, that is) it will be a great blog to catch up on weekly.

The blog:

is determined to write for an alternative/independent ethnic news service and dreams of creating a solid literary journalism outlet for artists and writers of color. [The author] has been published in Cipatli,maganda magazine, San Francisco News Hub, and the unreleased anthology Walang Hiya… Literature Taking Risks Toward Liberatory Practice.

maldita daily comes from the Spanish term mal, or bad; maldita has been used negatively to refer to a person who is damned, cursed. Essentially a bad person, a bad girl. This term is relevant to the collection of writings being shared on this blog in terms of perspective. Reyes proudly identifies as a social justice seeking woman, writer, and young mother of color, a disastrous combination in the U.S., a country that has often berated, exotified, and deliberately ignored the intersectionality of these experiences. Amaldita is born from these stories as Reyes attempts to reclaim this term by providing writings that address issues associated with damned, cursed people and communities, essentially, those who have been blacklisted from the U.S.’ mainstream notions of“good.”


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