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Carol P. Araullo on the Philippine Elections

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Carlo P. Araullo, chairwoman of Bagong Alyansang Makabayan, writes about the recent election victory of Noynoy Aquino:

As Pagbabago! People’s Movement for Change pointed out, “The first 100 days of the Aquino administration will be crucial. This period will reveal and set the tone on the priorities of the new government as well as demonstrate the intent, if not ability, of Aquino to address the injustices that our people have long been suffering.”

Having run on a platform and a campaign that offered no fundamental reforms, not to mention his class interests that run counter to social change, Mr. Aquino can hardly be expected to “rock the boat”, so to speak, notwithstanding his promise of battling corruption and prosecuting Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts.

It would be difficult to imagine him rising higher than his mother, President Cory Aquino, who in 1987 passed off the golden opportunity to institute radical reforms and prosecute the Marcos clique after proclaiming a “Freedom Constitution” that gave her wide latitude to do so.

Whatever Mr. Aquino’s interests and intentions, our people will continue to demand from government urgent as well as fundamental socio-economic reforms; at the same time, they will have to rely on their own organized strength to attain such change.


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