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Kilusang Mayo Uno on Working Class Solidarity

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Photo by Alex Es (click on pic to reach photographers Flickr account)

I just got off the phone with Wendell Gumban the public information officer of Kilusang Mayo Uno a genuine militant trade center in the Philippines.  I’m helping a colleague on the ground in the Philippines collect interviews and information on the effects the upcoming elections (in May) will have on the working class within the Philippines.  It’s, hopefully, for an article for the Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm English Edition.

Here’s a small snippet of the interview with Gumban commenting on international solidarity:

The pattern to boss [and intimidate unions and workers] is really dictated by the U.S. imperialists so it is no wonder why all over the world workers are oppressed and people can’t find jobs.  As imperialist policies intensify [workers and unions] must intensify our struggles around the world and uphold workers’ rights and be in solidarity with the working class across the globe in order to deliver a blow to imperialist policies around the world.  With the great financial crisis we know very well that no matter what the imperialists say about a recovery it is a fact that monopoly capitalists are struggling to maintain their hold on power and they are struggling to maintain their power.

What is needed is for a collective movement of workers’ struggles against these imperialist policies.  So we must intensify all efforts to combat imperialist policies around the world.


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