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links for 2010-01-23

Saturday, January 23, 2010
  • "This book is an unusually readable and lucid account of the development of Derrida's work, from his early writings on phenomenology and structuralism to his most recent interventions in debates on psychoanalysis, ethics and politics.
    Christina Howells gives a clear explanation of many of the key terms of deconstruction – including différance, trace, supplement and logocentrism – and shows how they function in Derrida's writing. She explores his critique of the notion of self-presence through his engagement with Husserl, and his critique of humanist conceptions of the subject through an account of his ambivalent and evolving relationship to the philosophy of Sartre. The question of the relationship between philosophy and literature is examined through an analysis of the texts of the 1970s, and in particular Glas, where Derrida confronts Hegel's totalizing dialectics with the fragmentary and iconoclastic writings of Jean Genet."
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  1. Hobbes permalink
    Sunday, January 24, 2010 7:19 pm


    I’m starting a new Libertarian Socialist blog called Rosa’s Ghost. I
    was hoping you might add it to your links page. It would be a great
    help. Thanks in advance.

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