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links for 2010-01-20

Wednesday, January 20, 2010
  • "Marxism is not a body of truths from which we deduce a politics. Politics is a creative practice proceeding from what is new in the present. In this practice, Marxism (and its developments) is a necessity, but the practice itself must be a process of forging new truths.

    We are not revolutionaries because we are Marxist (or Maoists, or etc.), but we are Marxists (and whatever else may be necessary and applicable) because we are revolutionaries, because we seek to forge an emancipatory politics, a politics capable of overcoming the present and pursuing a communist future."

  • "Much of my disappointment can be blamed on the irritatingly trite screenplay. While I understand that Cameron’s project is explicitly foregrounded as a retelling of the romantic “first contact” story – and hey, maybe we can start invoking Joseph Campbell as well to raise the comparison on an even more macro level – it’s done so in a terribly predictable fashion, with events proceeding in automatic lockstep. Surely myths, with their corresponding narrative elements, don’t have to be retold in such a banal manner? Sure, no one believes for a minute that Jake Sully, played by a lifeless Sam Worthington, would actually carry out his military orders, but his effortless decision to go native happens almost as if… it’s what the motif demanded."

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