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Hip-Hop Punk Rock Fridays 12.25.09

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Finally! The Hip-Hop Friday podcast is back after a year long hiatus! (It’s hard coming up with these podcasts, lots of editing! Boo!)

But it’s back, with a twist! To inaugurate the new year of 2010 instead of having a podcast on hip-hop I’m gonna have a podcast where I trace the trajectory of Celtic Punk Rock. Don’t worry though, cause I’m gonna being doing hip-hop for the rest of the upcoming podcasts, I’d just thought I’d do something a little different and delve into my Irish roots.

Hope you all enjoy this lengthy 30 minute podcast.

The Dubliners (click on pic for fan website).

The Pogues (click on pic for website).

The Skids (click on pic for website).

Nyah Fearties (click on pic for website)

The Tossers (click on pic for website).

Flogging Molly (click on pic for website).

Dropkick Murphys (click on pic for website).


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