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links for 2009-10-04

Sunday, October 4, 2009
  • "The political blackmail that didn't work when the Lisbon Treaty was first voted on some 16 months ago, did work in the new circumstances of global recession and an hysterical campaign by the right-wing press and companies such as Intel and Ryanair to get the treaty ratified. That blackmail was essentially that if Irish workers don't accept neoliberal policies with more powers for the ECB, more privatization, reduced restrictions on capital mobility and more militarism, then Ireland would be cut out of future financial assistance."
  • "The deaf face a nightmare when they fall into the criminal justice system. They live in a world apart to begin with; but in prison they are thrown into a dreaded new environment where they literally can’t understand the language of either their jailers or the other prisoners. When people who have never heard a spoken word try to speak, the sounds come out jumbled and weird—leading ill-informed jailers to think they are obstreperous or crazy. As a consequence, some deaf prisoners can end up in solitary."
  • "My people don't need any more cans of Spam and dirty money through the Red Cross. If you want to send money, do it through Bayan USA. I can speak to the quality of their work myself as someone who has been a member in the past in both Manila and in the Bay Area. This way your money will go straight to the hood's immediate needs and to building the social consciousness of my people (i.e. your people)."
  • "The ANC had always advocated non-violent methods and debates over the use of violence were often acrimonious. Older leaders committed to non-violence, such as Chief Albert Luthuli, winner of the 1960 Nobel Peace Prize, were clearly troubled by this transition but acknowledged its inevitability. Nelson Mandela, in a famous speech from underground, saw no alternative to a government that met peaceful protestors with savage violence."

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