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links for 2009-10-01

Thursday, October 1, 2009
  • "If we have no room in our analysis for bourgeois-led anti-imperialist movements and states, every time imperialism targets an independent capitalist state for military attack, occupation or a destabilization campaign, or every time imperialism props up one of its client states fighting off a non-socialist-led independence movement, we will either side with imperialism or take a neutral stance.

    With this outlook, why defend Iraq against U.S. invasion when pre-occupation Iraq was a capitalist state? Why stand with India’s struggle against British colonialism when India’s independence movement was led by bourgeois forces? Why even defend South Africa’s struggle against apartheid when post-apartheid South Africa would still be capitalist? This "all capitalists are the same" approach means that, short of the emergence of a workers’ struggle for socialism, we would in effect stand on the sidelines as imperialist forces carry out the most severe oppression of other nationalities.

  • "Bay Area Filipino organizations coordinating relief efforts in the aftermath of last weekend's typhoon in the Philippines say monetary donations are desperately needed to help flooding victims, followed by medical supplies and food."
  • "Anarchists like to counterpose to the Bolsheviks the example of the peasant Makhno. They claim that, unlike the Bolshevik leaders, he was the real spokesman of the interests of the workers, the advocate of anarcho-communism, in contrast to Lenin’s “Party dictatorship”. So what was this phenomenon called Makhnovism? Because Makhno did not base himself on the working class but on certain [Kulak] layers within the peasantry, he ended up with what amounted to a reactionary position.
  • Down with Hosni Mubarak!

    "The Cairo Appeals Court overturned a one-year jail sentence and upheld a LE 20,000 fine for each of the four newspaper editors convicted for insulting President Hosni Mubarak and defaming government officials."

  • "The Left Party (Linke) is celebrating, for good reason. The German federal election results are projected to show the following: the CDI-CSU, the rightwing 'union' bloc, got a combined total of 33.8% (-1.5), the second lowest result since the Second World War; the SPD is down to 23% (-11), its lowest level since WWII; the 'free market' FDP gained 14.8% (+5); the Greens got 10.6%(+2.5); and the Linke got 12%(+4). Voter turnout was down by 6%. This follows disappointing results for the Linke in the European federal elections, and some very good results in Saarland and Thuringia, where the Christian Democrats were kicked out, and where the Linke polled 21.3% (+19.2) and 27.4% (+1.3%)."

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