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Italy During the Time of the Soviet Revolution

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Italian factory occupation

Italian factory occupation (click on pic).

At The Excerpt Mill I quote Quintin Hoare and Geoffrey Nowell Smith:

[I]t was not until the spring of 1920, on the eve of the great Turin metalworkers’ strike, that Gramsci began to pose correctly the relation between mass institutions and the revolutionary party. He then wrote an article-destined, to the horror of the P.S.I. delegates, to be described by Lenin as “fully in keeping with the fundamental principles of the Third International”-entitled “For a Renewal of the Socialist Party”, in which he said, notably: “The existence of a cohesive and strongly disciplined Communist Party which, through its factory, trade-union and co-operative nuclei, co-ordinates and centralises within its own executive committee all of the proletariat’s revolutionary activity, is the fundamental and indispensable condition for attempting any Soviet experiment.” But by this time, as Gramsci was to recognise with bitter self-criticism in subsequent years, the task of national co-ordination of the proletariat’s revolutionary activity had been left too late…it was only after the defeat of the factory occupations in September…that the Party was in fact formed-on Bordiga‘s terms.

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