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Ho Chi Minh on Readdressing Strategy

Sunday, September 20, 2009
Ho Chi Minh

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Over at The Excerpt Mill I quote a passage from Ho Chi Minh’s address to the Sixth Plenum of the Viet Nam Workers’ Party Central Committee on negotiating peace with the French colonial forces. He took up a pragmatic and strategic stand of setting up a cease fire in order to bring about an eventual socialist revolution. Obviously negotiations didn’t work but Ho still left all avenues open in the short term (while still protecting long term goals):

Our previous motto was ‘Resistance to the end’. At present we must put forward a new one: ‘Peace, unity, independence, democracy’. We must take firm hold of the banner of peace to oppose the US imperialists’ policy of direct interference in, and prolongation and expansion of, the war in Indochina. Our policy must change in consequence: formerly we confiscated the French imperialists’ properties; now, as negotiations are going on, we may, in accordance with the principle of equality and mutual benefit, allow French economic and cultural interests to be preserved in Indochina. Negotiations entail reasonable mutual concessions. Formerly we said we would drive out and wipe out all French aggressive forces; now, in the talks held, we have demanded, and the French have accepted, that a date be set for the withdrawal of their troops.

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