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links for 2009-09-12

Saturday, September 12, 2009
  • "
    A memorial meeting was held by the Iraqi Communist Party in Baghdad on the 1st anniversary of the martyrdom of comrade Kamel Shiaa, the prominent Iraqi intellectual and communist who was cowardly assassinated in Baghdad on 23 August 2008."
  • "The unity of the left forces –its so-called trump card – proved to be its weakest point. Now it has collapsed. So what choices do the left, radical, progressive people have, those who understand that PASOK and ND and their alternation in not only a damage but a danger in conditions of a crisis? The answer is KKE. Today we can form a strong people’s opposition, a strong movement, a strong current of counterattack, rupture and overthrow, by strengthening KKE and weakening PASOK and ND. Why KKE? Because we have a strategy for the interests of the working people and against the monopolies; because we are able to combine correctly the struggle for the daily problems so as to prevent the worse and proceed to counterattack. We have a proposal for a different power, for People’s Power."
  • "I am writing in defense of Alex Sanchez, the founder of a gang and violence prevention organization based in Los Angeles called Homies Unidos. An ex-gang member himself, Alex turned his life around and has launched a program that has literally saved hundreds of young men and women from joining gangs and helped many more get out of them. So I was shocked and angered to learn of his recent arrest by the FBI on very tenuous charges that seem to owe more to the philosophy of COINTELPRO and vengeance than to legitimate criminal investigation and law enforcement."
  • "According to the study, women and foreign-born workers reported more violations of their right to a minimum wage. Latino workers born outside the United States experienced the most violations of their right to a minimum wage, and African-American workers experienced three times as many minimum-wage violations as whites."

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