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links for 2009-09-03

Thursday, September 3, 2009
  • " Latino immigrants in Suffolk County, N.Y., are routinely the target of violent attacks, harassment and abuse driven by a virulent anti-immigrant climate that has been fostered by community leaders and law enforcement practices, according to a new Southern Poverty Law Center report."
  • "The 4000 workers at the brick kilns of Vayghan-Shabestar, in East Azerbaijan province, have won better pay and benefits following a 17-day strike. Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network has translated two statements by the Free Trade Union of Iranian Workers on this strike."
  • "On June 15 and 16, 2009, the working group on financial and monetary issues of Economists for Peace and Security and the Initiative for Rethinking the Economy met in Paris for a closed discussion of the ongoing crisis and reform proposals, including the new initiatives of the G-20 and the Obama administration. This memorandum provides a structured summary of the major points of the meetings. It reflects in general terms the center of gravity of the views expressed, drawing on the expertise and careful reflection of the specialists and experts who were there."
  • "The reasons for the bourgeoisie's opposition to the Welfare State, by which is meant here the entire panoply of measures including State intervention in demand management to maintain full employment (or near full employment), social security, free or near-free healthcare and education, and the use of taxation to restrict inequalities in income and wealth, are several."
  • "One problem faced by mass movements is the NGO-isation of resistance. It will be easy to twist what I say into an indictment of all NGOs, but that would be false. There are NGOs doing valuable work; there are also fake NGOs set up either to siphon off grant money or as tax dodges. But it’s important to consider the NGO phenomenon in a broader political context.In India the funded NGO boom began in the late 1980s and 1990s, coinciding with the opening of India’s markets to neoliberalism."
  • "SFSU’s first day of school was last Tuesday. While most students dread the end of their summer and the beginning of the fall semester/ quarter, there was another element at play this past week.
    California’s state budget is in the crapper. So they cut around $15 billion in state spending for education, welfare, social, and health services. For us in the California State University system, that meant a cut of $564 million. Then for us at SFSU, that meant a cut of $30.2 million. That means 428-354 fewer classes offered, letting go dozens of lecturers, and forcing university employees to take two unpaid days off per month. The CSU is looking to reduce enrollment by 40,000 in two years, which means closing the door on tens of thousands of students (enrollment is already closed for Spring 2010). Oh yeah, and they raised our fees by 30%! I can’t stress how ridiculous and insane it is to make students pay more, but to lower their quality of education. Gotta love the way capitalism works."
  • "More than 500 families of HLI farmers still grapple with land ownership problems after years of struggle, which has resulted in the massacre of 14 workers and farmers last Nov. 2004 by military units deployed to the 6,000-hectare hacienda.

    The Department of Agrarian Reform has already ordered the granting of full land ownership to the farmers, but the HLI management has issued a memorandum in December last year telling farmers to leave the land on or before Oct. 30, 2009."


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