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links for 2009-08-27

Thursday, August 27, 2009
  • "Focusing upon critical assumptions in Capital that were to be removed in Wage-Labour and upon Marx's methodology, Lebowitz stresses the one-sidedness of Marx's Capital and argues that the side of the workers, their goals and their struggles in capitalism have been ignored by a monolithic Marxism characterized by determinism, reductionism and a silence on human experience. In this completely reworked edition of his classic 1992 book, Lebowitz introduces three new chapters and explores problems in Marx's wage theory, the place of the workers' state in Marx's theory and the importance of the concept of the collective worker."
  • "Forty years ago this summer the presence of the Young Lords came into the consciousness of all New Yorkers. What had once been a gang on the streets of Chicago now was present in New York City. The Young Lords, no longer a gang, was now a Puerto Rican Revolutionary Nationalist organization fighting for equality, the Human and Civil Rights of Puerto Ricans as well as the Liberation of Puerto Rico. Within a year, the Young Lords Party's presence would be felt from Boston to Philadelphia and throughout the Puerto Rican Diaspora."

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