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“Japan Probe” Here to Defend the Most Oppressed People on Earth…Whitey!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Over at Double Consciousness I quote from the bloggers over at Disgrasian about the recent “controversy” of a white person in a McDonalds ad campaign in Japan who is * gasp * , not depicted in the most flattering way possible:

I find the outrage leveled at this Mr. James character by certain people to be verging on histrionic. Comparing Mr. James to Stepin Fetchit? Really? Stepin Fetchit was an African-American stereotype popularized in the 20’s and 30’s. He was known as “the laziest man in the world,” and “a befuddled, mumbling, shiftless fool.” But one of these fools is not like the other. It’s important to remember context here, that Stepin Fetchit was a minstrel character created during the time of Jim Crow laws, segregation, and the systematized oppression of African-Americans that followed slavery…Stepin Fetchit didn’t merely offend. Stepin Fetchit made the abuse of our constitution, the miscarriage of justice, the legalization of inequality, and the back of the bus only that much easier to live with.

And, of course, the argument of the blogger at Japan Probe (who states the Disgrasian women are racist for not being outraged at this ad campaign) is not only undermined by the stupidity of his argument but by the ads on their own fucking website, such as this one.

Whaaaaaaaaat?!  You’re fucked up Japan Probe, hella fucked up!

  1. Monday, August 24, 2009 10:57 pm

    Wait until Fox News gets this story.

  2. mistahbee permalink
    Monday, August 24, 2009 11:30 pm

    I’m in love with the disgrasian women.

  3. Friday, August 28, 2009 3:04 am

    Hahha, yeah, they’ll have a fuckin’ field day with that one.

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