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Fanon on Language and White Supremacy

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Black Skin, White Masks

At The Excerpt Mill I take a piece out of Frantz Fanon’s early work Black Skin, White Masks:

A white man talking to a person of color behaves exactly like a grown-up with a kid, simpering, murmuring, fussing, and coddling. It’s not just one white person we have observed, but hundreds…To speak gobbledygook to a black man is insulting, for it means he is the gook. Yet, we’ll be told, there is no intention to willfully give offense. OK, but this is precisely this absence of will-this offhand manner; this casualness; and the ease with which they classify him, imprison him at an uncivilized and primitive level-that is insulting.

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  1. Thursday, July 30, 2009 5:49 pm

    Because of the system of white supremacy all non-white people effectively function as ‘children’ and white people as ‘adults.’

    As counter action to the system of white supremacy it is STRONGLY suggested that non-white people
    – DO NOT mistreat non-white person/s
    – DO NOT engage in sex with white people
    – SUSPECT ALL white people of practicing racism white supremacy

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