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My Arrival in Manila

Sunday, July 19, 2009

So I’m here in Manila, by the BAYAN office.  I’m staying in a place at Project 3, Quezon City, Manila, Philippines.

When I got to the airport I was greeted by a blast of hot and humid air as soon as I stepped off the airplane, the luggage belt broke (I was able to do four decades of my rosary before it started again), and the Philippine National Bank exchange center took about one-an-a-half hours to open up its doors (it says its open at 4 am but it didn’t open until 5:30 am), and I started getting hustled by cab drivers who wanted P800 to P1,000 (that’s Philippine Pesos) for a cab ride to Project 3.  But I was able to get a metered cab that only cost P400.

But, despite all of that, which really wasn’t a big deal to me, I’ve been enjoying myself here (for about as much as I can for only being here around 4 hours).


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