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PA Podcasdt from a Preist & Atheist: Baliksambayanan to the Philippines

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Priest & Atheist PodcastThis podcast is around one hour in length. I’m going on a trip to the Philippines where I will be hooking up with the Kilusang Mayo Uno labor center and some peasant and farmer organizations.  In this podcast Josh and I cover a short history of the Philippines from the revolution in 1898 all the way up to the issues of U.S. bases in the Philippines and the recent kidnapping and torture of Bayan-USA activist Melissa Roxas.

  1. Excerpt (00:00-00:56)
  2. Intro song “The Quiet Before (Thunderbirds Are Now! Remix)” by From Monuments to Masses (00:57-02:26)
  3. Philippine Revolution and Japanese Occupation (02:27-17:26)
  4. Musical Break: “Home Cooked” by Bambu, Geologic, Kiwi, and Kuttin Kandi (17:27-21:13)
  5. Philippines after World War II, Marcos, Aquino, U.S. Bases, and Imperial Policies (21:14-33:39)
  6. Musical Break: “Itanong Mo Sa Mga Bata” by Asin (33:40-36:53)
  7. Melissa Roxas (36:54-41:04)
  8. Melissa Roxas speaks at a press conference (41:05-44:57)
  9. Melissa Roxas update, past exposure trips and Jack’s upcoming exposure trip (44:58-58:55)
  10. Outro: “The International” in Tagalog (58:56-01:00:14)
  11. Extra Outake (01:00:15-01:02:11)

You can also download the podcast on iTunes.


Or download m4a format.

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