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links for 2009-06-21

Sunday, June 21, 2009
  • "When folks ask why are women of color in coalition with one another. Why are woc, from various backgrounds, model immigrant meets indigenous, meets slave descendent meets immigrant slave, in coalition. The answer is simple: We believe that those of us under the heavy umbrella of being a person who is racialized have ‘common differences’.

    While as a descendent of slaves and indigenous persons I can understand what it means to be taught a history that is not my history. To be taught a cartography that is not my map. I still see that those who are more recent immigrants, those who identify more strongly with mestiza than I, those who speak in alterations of the standard American English. Have something to teach me."

  • "It needs to be emphasized that Ahmadinejad’s economic policies are to the right of the IMF: cutting subsidies in a radical way, more privatization than any other post-79 government (by selling the country to the Revolutionary Guards) and an inflation and unemployment rate which have brought the low-income sections of the society to their knees. It is in this regard that Musavi’s politics needs to be understood in contradistinction from both Ahmadinejad and also the other reformist candidate, i.e. Karroubi."


  • "In the U.S., discussion of Palestinian politicians and political movements often relies on a spectrum running from "extreme" to "moderate." The latter sounds appealing; the former clearly applies to those who must be — must they not? — beyond the pale. But hardly anyone relying on such terms pauses to ask what they mean. According to whose standard are these manifestly subjective labels assigned?"



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