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PA Podcasdt from a Preist & Atheist: Jean-Paul Sartre Part II: The Pursuit of Being and the Problem of Nothingness

Friday, May 29, 2009

Priest & Atheist PodcastIn this podcast xMabaitx and I go over the Introduction and Part I to Being and Nothingness.

If you haven’t checked out our previous podcast it was on some of Sartre’s earlier essays leading up to his book Being and Nothingness.

This podcast is a little over one hour.

1.  Excerpt (00:00-00:15)

2. Intro song “The Quiet Before (Thunderbirds Are Now! Remix)” by From Monuments to Masses (00:16-01:20)

3. Introductions (01:21-04:31)

I. When I said that our podcast was “so successful” I was being sarcastic, but I realized I was being sarcastic with my face and not with my voice, my bad.

4. The title: What does “Being,” “Nothingness,” “Phenomenology,” and “Ontology” mean? (04:32-07:16)

5. The Introduction “The Pursuit of Being” (07:17-28:06)

6. Musical Break: “My Philosophy” by KRS-One (28:07-30:48)

7. Phenomena and Consciousness (30:49-32:33)

8. Part One: “The Problem of Nothingness,” Chapter One “The Origin of Negation” (32:34-53:07)

9. Musical Break: “Nothing from Nothing” by Billy Preston (53:08-55:40)

10. Part One, Chapter Two “Bad Faith” (55:41-01:02:03)

I.  So a side note here.  For some reason when I copied the audio files into a new file for Apple’s Garage Band and then erased the previous old save it erased about 20 minutes of audio from the section of the podcast.  Which would be like losing all of your copied and pasted text from a Word document after erasing the original essay it was from on that word document, fuck Garage Band.  Anyway, the part that is missing is mostly about facticity and transcendency:

i.  Facticity denotes facts, known and irrefutable facts about a person’s given situation.  Such as your ethnicity, your gender, nationality, job, etc.  Transcendency, Catalano states, “is never perfectly identified with our facticities; we are more than our body, our past, or our environment. And we know this…We can thus interpret our relation to these ‘facts,’ and in this sense, transcend them.”

II.  We are in bad faith when we try to make our facticities into transcendencies and our transcendencies into facticities instead of creating a synthesis between the two.

11. Outro: “Excuses (Hecktik Remix) (Feat. Ratatat)” by Fashawn (01:02:04-01:05:01)

12. Extra outtake (01:05:02-01:05:20)

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Or download m4a format

Extra Books We’ve Used for this Podcast

See the bibliography from the previous podcast for a full list of the books we used.

Catalano, Joseph S.  A Commentary on Jean-Paul Sartre’s Being and Nothingness.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1974.


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