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links for 2009-04-10

Friday, April 10, 2009
  • "Colombia's 80 different indigenous peoples have long been in the front line of the 45-year conflict as the illegal armies seek territorial control over their reservations, domination over drug crops or smuggling routes.

    Recently, a commission of the Awa tribe in the southern province of Narino recovered eight bodies of their people killed by rebels of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc)."

  • "I happened to catch an NPR interview with a Chicago rabbi who’s become a hero of mine, and not just because he’s Michelle Obama’s first cousin. On the afternoon show “Interfaith Voices,” Rabbi Capers Funnye talked about his experiences as a rabbi of color in the United States, and about his efforts to build bridges between Jews of color and their Ashkenazi sisters and brothers. This week I’m elated to find that the New York Times magazine has done an in-depth profile of Funnye and his life’s work."
  • "Most recently, working class tax dollars were used to bail out wall street as social services have been cut across the board. The contradictions will continue to sharpen with the working class wondering why their money is being used to save companies that are sucking the blood of working class livelihood. The Elite are not stupid-we seen many of Barrack Obama’s picks admit they evaded taxes. The working class ends up paying down the debt of this nation while the Elite use their tax money to advance their own profits."
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  1. Friday, April 10, 2009 7:44 am

    “Colombian Indians Seek Security”

    That’s the FARC and its supporter’s dirty little secret. The FARC has had absolutely no problem obliterating Native peoples in Colombia in its failed 40 year war to make a revolution. In that sense they are absolutely no better than the drug cartels and the central government, or for that matter the fucking Spanish when they showed up 500 years ago, though I had no idea that it had gotten so bad that some tribes were actively running to the government in order to ensure their security.

    For a group that says it is fighting for the people the FARC seems to have problems with helping to put about 1/3 of Colombia’s Indian peoples on the verge of extinction.

    Oh well, that’s why American Indians like me tend to have absolutely no love for the FARC.

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