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links for 2009-04-08

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
  • "I myself greatly disagree with Churchill (and I have stated as such many times on this blog, including in this piece), but I also feel that this case would have been slippery slope should he have lost and would have given right-wing inquisitors more impetus to go after other professors in the US who hold unpopular views. Who would have been next? Noam Chomsky?"
  • "Last Thursday, a jury in Denver ruled that the termination of activist-teacher Ward Churchill by the University of Colorado had been wrongful (a term of art) even though a committee of his faculty peers had found him guilty of a variety of sins."
  • "Hundreds of thousands of Greeks joined a nationwide 24-hour strike on Thursday to protest against the government's response to the economic crisis, disrupting transport and shutting down services.

    Flights to and from Greece were suspended for several hours, banks and schools shut down, in the second nationwide protest against the conservative government since the police shooting of a teenager in December triggered the worst riots in decades."



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