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links for 2009-03-29

Sunday, March 29, 2009
  • "Unfortunately, Hamas is in the same rightist political camp as the Fatah-led Palestinian Authority. Even though it speaks of Resistance, it is not revolutionary. Hamas is the flip side of Fatah’s secular face; but socially and politically it is just as reactionary and regressive. While one is concerned with the Unknowns of the Afterlife and prescriptions from God, the other is concerned with the Here and Now, but only insofar as they are compliant with all the “agreements” that were signed with Israel and the “consensus.” In other words, so long as hegemony and the current lopsided distribution of power are served."
  • "
    The military vehicle drove for around two hours during which time Hamdi was insulted, slapped and kicked by the soldiers sitting around him. One of the soldiers told Hamdi that they had killed his father because he was a terrorist and that they were going to kill all terrorists. At around 6:00am the vehicle arrived at Ofer Interrogation and Detention Centre, near Ramallah. Hamdi was taken to a small room where he was again assaulted by a number of soldiers."


  • "I just love how petite-bourgeois and whitey parents complain about how they can't seem to get their privileged kids into "good" schools (READ: rich/white schools in rich/white neighborhoods) and instead end up having to allow their children to attend "substandard" and "underperforming" schools (READ: poor/working class people of color schools in poor/working class people of color neighborhoods) Wah, you didn't get your kid into Lowell and now you must BURDEN yourself with PAYING for private school. Give me a fucking break."
  • "it is now three months since the savagery inflicted on gaza began on december 27th. lina al sharif, a palestinian blogger and student at the islamic university of gaza, made a video that shares what she witnessed during this savagery. here are her videos"
  • "I am proud to say that I spent the whole year as a proud picket, and to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the strike starting I thought people might be interested in the diary I kept for recording my memories of what I went through and how it changed my whole life. The world turned upside down."
  • "That was former miner Norman Strike describing life as a flying picket during the 1984-85 dispute. He kept a diary of his experiences which he is now putting online, day by day. It's an extraordinary document – and a fascinating use of the weblog medium to boot. Go have a read at"
  • "I see white women on television crying about being frustrated about fitting into American beauty ideals and weight expectations quite often, and usually when they vent their frustration, it is treated with empathy and compassion. When a black women does the same thing, it is dismissed as embarrassing, and as Tyra proved, her anger and frustration is glossed over and treated as trivial, and due to her own fault, because she felt the black woman was just simply choosing the wrong men."

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