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links for 2009-03-20

Friday, March 20, 2009
  • The Twitter community is starting to buzz with Tweets on the Iraq war by "hash tagging" the term #iraqwaranniversary into their Tweets.
  • An older post on sexual assaulter and 'male feminist' Kyle Payne.

    "None of us are without sin. I fully believe in that. But Kyle, knowing very well the nature of his transgression, continues to play little mind-games with himself and the world. His writing is basically saying that gosh, it’s such tough business, not assaulting women! Toiling in the fields is nothing compared to that! A man who goes an entire day without assaulting a woman wipes the sweat from his brow at suppertime and sighs deeply, every bone in his body creaking from exhaustion. Dear God, when will society build a monument to his unwavering courage and strength? Where are the twelve gun salutes? The fireworks bursting in the evening as children gaze upward in wonder? The flame burning eternally at the grave of the Unknown Unrapist? Alas, cruel world!"


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