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Kyle Payne, Get the Fuck Off the Internet!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Just read this from Ren (who has a great, smart, and witty blog, by the way):

KYLE PAYNE, sexual predator and whiner, is back!

Now, why a convicted sex offender thinks he has anything of import to say on humanitarian or womens issues is beyond me, but apparently he does. He also feels it’s okay to LINK to feminist and survivor blogs such as Abyss2 Hope, Feminist law Professors & The Curvature.

Just some background. Payne was…well, is…a whacked out man who claims to be a feminist of some sorts. He was always just a little to iffy for me but then it all came to a head (is that how you write it?) when he fucking sexually assaulted a women in his college. Apparently, to him, it’s because of all the evil bad porn! Porn made him do it!…Instead, you know, his sick twisted self.

Let me see, his “disclaimer” page says:

I take seriously the need for me to think critically, engage in self-scrutiny, and to listen

Ugh…eeerrpp…Hold on, I just threw up in my mouth.


Oh my god he links to Alas!  I blog for that blog!  Fuckity fuck fuck fuck.


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