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Post-Race Doomsday Detonation: Catch the (Shock) Wave!

Monday, March 16, 2009

tsar-bombaWho wants to check out the raps of a pissed-off, punk-rocking, straight-edge, vegan eating, 31337 typing, Pilipino activist blogger and scholar?

I do!

And so you do you God damn-it! The power of the simulacra of Xst compels you!

Where else can you get the postmodernist ramblings of a blogger (studying for his masters in sociology) on Donna Haraway‘s cyborgisms and Marx’s alienation of labor and its use for interpreting the mega-blockbuser dark comedy Robocop (it was pretty hilarious, in a dark movie sense, the way officer Murphy got trashed by all that lead).
Just checking out his sidebar is an exercise in Internet cheekiness.  His sidebar is titled mas.a.rap (“delicious” in Tagalog) and his monthly achieves reads “B0Mb SCh3matiCs.”

So if your down for an exercise in postmodernist intellectualism and boots on the ground Sartean Marxian activism then head on over to the 50 Megaton Paper Tiger.

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