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links for 2009-03-07

Saturday, March 7, 2009
  • "Police fired tear gas and arrested several people during a march to Istana Negara today to protest the use of English in the teaching of maths and science.

    The march, involving thousands of protestors, was organised by the Movement for the Abolition of the Teaching of Mathematics and Science in English, known by its Malay acronym of GMP."

  • "Unemployment in the US has leapt to its highest rate in a quarter of a century as another set of dire official figures showed staff being axed across the economy.

    The number of jobs lost reached 651,000 in February, the third consecutive month in which more than 600,000 posts have been shed – a sequence last recorded in 1939."

  • "Hillary Clinton, US secretary of state, and Sergei Lavrov, her Russian opposite number, on Friday pledged to conclude an ambitious news arms control deal by the end of the year in a sign of both countries’ desire to set their relationship on a new path after the tensions of the Bush administration years."
  • After Rick Santelli lambasts home owners for being "irresponsible" by accepting risky loans John Stewart of the Daily Show does this:

    "What follows is a five-and-a-half-minute sacking of CNBC—a list of embarrassing clips of the network’s talking heads getting it very, very wrong followed by black screens reporting what happened to their predictions. It’s hilarious, starting with the slam of Jim Cramer’s infamous defense of Bear Stearns less than a week before it essentially collapsed. Cramer also gets hit for telling investors to buy stocks at the top of the market even though he admits they’re overvalued (to his credit, Santelli has slammed Cramer on the same thing). I was glad to see the especially terrible Larry “Goldilocks” Kudlow come in for a kick in the pants, too."


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