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Blogging Notebook

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I e-mailed this to my good friend (and new blogger) xMabaitx and thought I’d share it with you guys in relation to my previous blog post, “Blogging in ‘Plain English’:”

Also, a blog tip, after a while you will be thinking about blogging and what to blog on kinda automatically.

You’ll probably have an idea in your head, like,”Oh! I should blog on that!”

I recommend carrying around a small notebook and a pen, that’s what I do. Whenever I get time I scribble a small 200 to 300 word blog post as soon as I can on the idea. Then, latter on (like latter in the day, the week, the month, whenever), you can expand on that idea by referring back to that blog post and writing on it a little more.

Tiny notebooks to carry around are cool.


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