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links for 2009-02-25

Wednesday, February 25, 2009
  • "During the Cold War, many of the people with a radical vision of the world were driven out of our labor movement. Today, as unions search for answers about how to begin growing again, and regain the power workers need to defend themselves, the question of social vision has become very important. What is our vision in labor? What are the issues that we confront today that form a more radical vision for our era…"
  • "The economic and financial crisis facing our country is growing and deepening daily and exposing as never before the myths of capitalism. The Government and the political establishment are overseeing the rip-off of €7,000,000,000 from the National Pension Fund to support speculative bankers and developers with the decision yesterday to bail out Allied Irish Bank and Bank of Ireland with public money."
  • "National President and member of the Saxony parliament, calls for open and cross-party opposition to the Nazis: "Taking on Europe's extreme right will be better if the EU has a humanitarian refugee policy, and fields a trade and economic policy.

    Landesvorsitzende und Mitglied des Landtages Sachsen, ruft zum offenen und parteiübergreifenden Widerstand gegen Nazis auf: "Wir werden Europas extreme Rechte besser bekämpfen, wenn die EU sich einer humanitären Flüchtlingspolitik verbunden fühlt und eine Handels- und Wirtschaftspolitik befördert, die den Ursachen für Flucht entgegen wirkt.""

  • "In cooperation with the General Union of Palestine Students and Bayan USA, League of Filipono Students-SFSU presents a discussion on the current situation of the US-Israeli occupation of Palestine and its connections to the so called "War on Terror" in the Philippines.

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