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links for 2009-02-10

Tuesday, February 10, 2009
  • "It's disturbing enough to read Chris Tomlinson's account (Huffington Post, 2/5/09) of the fact that "the Pentagon now spends more than $550 million a year–at least double the amount since 2003–on public affairs, and that doesn't including personnel costs" and how "over the past two years, the number of public affairs officers trained by the Defense Information School has grown by 24 percent to almost 3,500" but also consider that "along with putting out its own messages, the public affairs arm tries to regulate what other media put out.""
  • Not sure how they would conduct an "accurate" poll in Afghanistan, could be worse than they think, these results may be low ballin' it.

    "A new poll in Afghanistan shows sagging support for U.S. efforts in that country, with airstrikes a chief concern. A quarter of the Afghans polled said that attacks on American or allied forces are justifiable, double the proportion saying so in late 2006."


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