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BookMarx for 2009-02-07

Saturday, February 7, 2009
  • "הסקר המסכם של "ישראל היום" למערכת הבחירות (שנערך ע"י מכון "הגל החדש") מורה על התחזקות נוספת של חד"ש בסקרים

    Final survey of the "Israel Today" system of elections (held by the Institute "new wave") indicates a further strengthening of the Hadash polls"

  • "The SIIC, for a long time America's closest allies in Iraq, has easily been the most dangerous and sectarian force in Iraq, and their defeat has long been overdue. Their hopes of running a 9-governate mini-state called the 'South of Baghdad Region' have ended in richly deserved failure."
  • "Likud chairman Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday branded as "legitimate" rival prime ministerial candidate Avigdor Lieberman's electoral campaign against Israeli Arabs."


  • "Tendai Biti, the Secretary General of the Tsvangirai MDC, was cleared of treason charges on Friday by Harare magistrate Olivia Mariga. Last year Biti was arrested in mid June and spent two weeks in police custody, accused of authoring a document detailing a plot to overthrow Robert Mugabe, and of spreading falsehoods when he announced that MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai had won the controversial Presidential election in March."
  • "Across Asia there are already plenty of signs that the global economic slowdown is having an impact on workers. Beijing this week said 20m migrant workers who had gone elsewhere within China in search of work had lost their jobs because of the crisis.

    But looming over much of the region is the question of what will happen to the millions of migrant workers who cross borders in search of jobs overseas and whose remittances home have become a big source of income for countries such as the Philippines."

  • AbuKhalil responds to Barenboim's call for "non-violence."

    "his statement is a proof that Barenboim and every person who signed this lousy statement has declared himself/herself an enemy of the Palestinian people and their historical resistance movement which began a century ago. Just look at the political primises of the statement: they basically imply that both sides are at fault, or that both sides are just, and that we need to move on. Move on? At what price? And under which balance of forces. I would have no problem in signing this statement once we defeat Zionism and liberalte Palestine and ensure the return of the Palestinian refugees. Only then I would sign it. You see this statement is a sneaky (but not smart) way to basically legitimize the facts on the ground which have been achieved by force–in favor of Israel of course."

  • "Hailed by supporters as an inspirational project exploding on to the political scene as French people cast round for an answer to their economic woes, the party is an eclectic mixture of traditional communists and members with more contemporary motivations ranging from feminism to climate change.

    the NPA's chief calling card is clear: as the economic crisis lays bare the dangers of unbridled finance capitalism, the message of collective ownership and redistribution is hitting home more effectively than it has for decades. Even the rightwing Sarkozy spoke last month of the need to find a "more moral" version of capitalism.

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