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Lenosphere Round-Up 1.29-2.05

Thursday, February 5, 2009

RedBedHead (Canada) blogs:

You couldn’t be in any doubt that the Globe and Mail were supporters of Israel, certainly not after their plaudits for Canada’s lonely vote in the UN Human Rights Council against condemning Israel’s “grave violations” in Gaza. Of course they even managed to justify Israel’s bombing of civilians and civilian buildings with the thoroughly discredited claim that Hamas uses fellow Palestinians as human shields (not noting the irony that the Israel Defense Forces regularly use human shields,including children – despite a ruling by their own supreme court. See photos.)

Farah (Lebanon) shows us a photo she took:

An estimated 3 million workers in France struck last Thursday (29-1-09) to protest government inaction in the face of the global financial crisis.

Che WildWing (Egypt) blogs on the sealing of the Gazan/Egyptian border:

يوقع الصهاينة والأمريكان اتفاقية لتأمين الحدود مع مصر
ويقول الوزير الحقل أحمد أبو الغيط
أن مصر غير ملزمة بتلك الاتفاقية ولا تعتبر لما جاء بها
ثم نجد مهندسين مصريين يتدربون في أمريكا على تفجير الأنفاق
ومن بعد ذلك توضع كاميرات علي حدود غزة
وأجهزة أمريكية للكشف عن الأنفاق

Mashahed (Egypt) blogs on the killing of Venezuelan auto workers:

لقي العاملان مصرعهما عندما كانت قوات البوليس الإقليمي التابع لولاية أنزواتيغي تحاول طرد العمال المحتلين لمصنع ميتسوبيشي

Mohammad (Egypt) blogs:

In HALLIBURTON’S ARMY: How a Well-Connected Texas Oil Company Revolutionized the Way America Makes War (Nation Books; February 9, 2009; $26.95), muckraking journalist Pratap Chatterjee conducts a highly detailed investigation into Halliburton and its former subsidiary KBR’s activities in Kuwait and Iraq, uncovering much new information about its questionable practices and extraordinary profits.


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