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Labor Lunes 2.02.09

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Union Yes!

“This is bullshit.”

An argument involving the Building A supervisor who wanted to give a verbal warning to an employee in front of his fellow co-workers.  Obviously I didn’t allow this and had the warning done in private, not without a little fight though.


The Building A supervisor and another supervisor cornered an employee in a trailer, while he was loading, and proceeded to interrogate him about an incident between the employee and the supervisor earlier in the shift.

“Nobody fucks with me!”

There was an incident I needed to investigate between an employee, who thinks he’s being targeted by management for filing “too many” grievances, and a supervisor over in Building A.

UPS Online Forum

The Teamsters for a Democratic Union has an online forum for UPS Teamsters to talk about their experiences in UPS and their strategies in enforcing the contract.

Taking Grievances Personal

Had to talk to a supervisor to make sure he wasn’t targeting employees for revenge due to grievances being filed on him.  Told him that I am the one who files the grievances for them and I encourage the workers to do it, so he should talk to me about grievances, not the workers.

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