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Lenosphere Round-Up 1.22-1.29

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hossam (Egypt) gives us a link to a blog related to Web 2.0 and Marxism:

Every new form of struggle, accompanied as it is by new dangers and new sacrifices, inevitably “disorganises” organisations which are unprepared for this new form of struggle. Our old propagandist circles were disorganised by recourse to methods of agitation. Our committees were subsequently disorganised by recourse to demonstrations. Every military action in any war to a certain extent disorganises the ranks of the fighters. But this does not mean that one must not fight. It means that one must learn to fight. That is all. V. I. Lenin – Guerrilla Warfare, 1906

Richard (U.K.) blogs:

Following his detailed exposition of the “Tarnac 9” case, Alberto Toscano has an excellent article in today’s Guardian on the way in which European states are inclined to use ‘anti-terror’ laws to attack and undermine forms of dissent that, while illegal, clearly are not terroristic.

John (France) blogs on an academic boycott of Israel:

Tant que ce soutien se poursuivra, Israël pourra continuer de bafouer le Droit international. L’Accord d’association entre l’Union Européenne et Israël,  qui comprend un volet traitant de la coopération universitaire, est subordonné par son article 2 au respect des Droits de l’Homme, sous peine de  suspension. C’est pourquoi en 2002 le Parlement européen avait voté la suspension de cet accord, vote malheureusement resté sans suite. On évoque  aujourd’hui au contraire un « rehaussement » des relations entre l’UE et Israël.

Pauly (U.S.) blogs:

I don’t get it. I guess Kiefer Sutherland is OK looking, but he’s certainly no Christian Bale. Yet the right wing seems to have a dual obsession with him. First, he really puts the dill in their collective pickle. Second, they seem to think that he, a fictional character, is the best possible argument for torturing people. It reminds me of those people in college who, when I told them I was a socialist, would tell me that Lord of the Flies had shown why I had it all wrong. I liked to respond that Star Trek had proven Marx was right.

Egyptian Leftist (Egypt) blogs:

The art exhibition of Abdou El-Bermawy showing the “Portraits of Stella” will be held in Cairo Atelier for two weeks. Bermawy goes beyond portraying the human face and takes the famous art topic to a new perspective. His works touch a horizon of artistic expression that blends the styles of great masters with the innovative arabesque-like touches and irregular colors.

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