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Italy’s Most Powerful Union Calls to Prosecute Israel for War Crimes

Friday, January 23, 2009


Federazion Impiegati Operai Metallurgici came out with this statement:

Thus, it appears a kind of “collective punishment” has been imposed on all Palestinians because of the vote expressed in the democratic elections two years ago, with a Hamas victory.  For FIOM, the negative political evaluation of this organization is not up for discussion and we reiterate our choice to support the formation of an independent, secular and democratic Palestinian state living in peace and mutual security with that of Israel.  What we denounce is the international community’s tolerance and, in fact, support of the mistaken choice of the siege, which contributed to the strengthening of the fundamentalist forces and armed groups of all types, rather than their isolation.  (Source)

[Hat Tip: MR Zine]

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