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Lenosphere Round-Up 1.15.09-1.22.09

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Round-up is back!

Farfahinne (Lebanon) blogs:

According to al-jazeera, the Palestinian Authority is working hard, day and night , to ban the demonstrations in support of the Resistance in Gaza (picture below) for “security reasons”. only hundereds of state employees were allowed to demonstrate.

WDPress (Thailand) blogs:

National security has often been used as an excuse for authoritarian actions by military regimes in the past.
The same justice Minister has urged the Thai press not to report lese majeste cases. No doubt in case they can be subject to public scrutiny!

Hossam (Egypt) blogs:

Check out this blog that includes a big number of videos, photos and regular updates on the anti-government riots in Iceland…

Renegade Eye (U.S.A.) posts an article by Alan Wood:

The main losers, as always, are the ordinary people. In this devastating three-week war, terrible damage has been inflicted. The troops and tanks that poured into Gaza on January 3 have had two weeks in which to pulverise Gaza, which had been already badly damaged by a savage air bombardment. Now the shell-shocked Palestinians will have time to take stock of the situation. The war has taken a terrible toll on an already impoverished territory.

Socialist Aotearoa (New Zealand) blogs:

Ireland is a country much praised by neoliberal economists, paternership trade unionists and mainstream politicians in New Zealand as an example to follow. But the Global economic crisis is ripping the country apart, and points to how deep cuts and mass unemployment can radicalise workers, students and pensioners in a nation the same size as Aotearoa. Irish socialist James O Toole writes for Socialist Aotearoa


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