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The Brilliante Weblog Award, Part II

Monday, January 19, 2009

Part I.

Alas, a blog

Alas, a blog was one of the very earliest feminist blogs on the blogosphere which has posts dating all the way to the year 2000 but didn’t start consistently blogging until 2002.  The blog was started by progressive cartoonist and Oregonian Barry Deutsch.

The blog covers a slew of topics with much of its speciality focusing on feminist issues and issues of male privilege and supremacy.  I first got acquainted with the blog a year or two back when I contacted Barry about using some of his cartoons for a piece one of my friends was doing on racism within American society.  He said yes and also suggested to me if I would let him cross-post my blogs posts on The Blog and the Bullet to his blog, which I did.

This blog has a large number of contributors who all have wonderful insight on the goings ons of the world and as well as what is going on in the progressive blogosphere.  I always check it daily and most of the blogs I post on it get a wonderful array of thoughtful comments from some pretty dedicated and loyal commenters.  I also have the great pleasure and honor of being called the most radical blogger on Alas, a blog by Barry himself when me and a few other Alas blog contributors met for dinner at the Stinking Rose in San Francisco.

I believe he said, “I like you because you are so radical you make me look like a conservative.”  Not soon after that I believe I began talking about the need to arm prostitutes in San Francisco with shotguns in order to take care of their pimp “problem.”

Angry Arab

The Angry Arab News Service/وكالة أنباء العربي الغاضب is a great blog with many “micro” posts about the current political situations in the various Middle Eastern Nations.

The blog is done by Lebanese born professor As’ad AbuKhalil who teaches at CSU Stanislaus and is now a visiting professor and UC Berkeley.

One of the great things about his blog is that he updates it multiple times daily with very short posts (normally with links to newspaper articles) that point out some of the various biases of the Western media toward the Middle East and some of the outrages political antics of many of the U.S. allied governments in the region.  He also posts English translations of some great contemporary and past Arabic poetry, many with political angles to them.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. AbuKhalil recently for El Badeel newspaper (Cairo based) on the recent media coverage on the Gaza conflict and his answers, just like his blog posts, where very illuminating and well informed.

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