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BookMarx for 2009-01-15

Thursday, January 15, 2009
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  • Video included.

    "Hundreds of protesters have clashed with police in Bulgaria's capital Sofia when an anti-government rally turned into a riot.

    The violence broke out during a peaceful protest in front of parliament of more than 2,000 people, including students, farmers and green activists, who said they were fed up with life in the European Union's poorest and most corrupt nation."

  • "The US banking sector was shaken on Wednesday by deepening concerns over Citigroup’s financial health and the revelation that Bank of America is counting on a new multibillion-dollar capital injection from the government."
  • "Joseph Stalin was edged into third place in a nationwide poll to name Russia's greatest historical figure yesterday amid controversy over the results.

    The Name of Russia project, which captivated the country for several months, ended with accusations that the final tally was rigged.

    More than 5 million votes by telephone, text and the internet were registered in the poll, which named Alexander Nevsky, a medieval warrior prince, as the winner. Stalin had led the poll early on and narrowly missed the top spot."

  • "Last week, the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem released video clips showing masked Jewish settlers ganging up on and severely beating elderly Palestinian peasants near the town of Yatta, southwest of Hebron. At least three Palestinians were wounded in the unprovoked assault, including a man and his wife, both in their early sixties."
  • "We are seeking helpt to stop a gruesome cycle of murders, kidnappings and torture of union leaders and organizers involved in daily life-and-deaht struggles at Coca-Cola bottling plants in Colombia, South America.
  • "The arrest last week of Satyam Computer Services, Ltd., Chairman B. Ramalinga Raju for falsifying corporate figures is being called “India’s Enron,” The Indian government’s decision to replace Mr. Raju’s entire board underlines how great a shock the Satyam fraud has been to the Indian establishment. Indeed, this is the first time the government has superseded a private corporate board. But then Satyam, once the country’s fourth-largest information-technology firm, is more than just any old company—it’s long been seen as an icon of the new Indian economy."
  • This is bad for citizens all over the U.S. It will allow people to be convicted on charges that would normally be droped due to police misuse.

    "In a 5-to-4 opinion, the court upheld the federal conviction of Bennie Dean Herring, who from the court records appears to have been very unlucky as well as felonious in his conduct. In upholding the conviction, the court’s majority came to a conclusion that will most likely please those who complain about criminals going free on “technicalities” and alarm those who fear that the high court is looking for ways to narrow the reach of the exclusionary rule."

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