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Bloggers on the Oakland Riots

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Kiwi, an organizer for BAYAN-USA and a rapper, blogs:

I went to the protest in Oakland last night. I think there was some relief that there was a space for people to finally express their outrage. It was also somewhat unorganized, there didn’t seem to be any leadership. Some folks left the protest to march down East 14th (International), and others stayed behind. Our group made sure to stick together and had an escape plan in case anything went down. You could feel the tension, and the fact that that anarchists were running around back and forth didn’t make me feel any more comfortable. The police were probably equally as agitative, I mean, how am I supposed to react when I’m already angry and someone busts out a tank in front of me?

Adriel blogs:

my town is on fire. a boy’s blood stains the platform in maroon starlets. trains tip-toe past and for a stop all conversation ceases. this is where they killed oscar. they always kill. they treat us like gnats. splatter our brains on the concrete and curse us for getting blood on their slacks. we are angry because we try but they won’t lay off us. they keep shining their lights and smirking. they keep shooting our young and nibbling at silence.

[Hat Tip: Prometheus Brown]

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